The Multi Activity Cube is vibrantly coloured and has loads of surprises to discover!

Each side has a different style of play. Move the leaves, butterfly and bee around the tree maze to develop dexterity or spin the shapes in the egg to see how they fall. Use the mirror to check your look or perhaps you could turn the hen's dial to hear the clicking - or rather, clucking - sound!

The caterpillars body parts can be flipped over and there is a 3-wheel cog system to learn cause and effect. The 5 piece shape sorter assists in the learning of shapes and colours with a handy slot to reach in and retrieve your pieces and the looping toy on top helps to develop concentration and motor skills.

Turn the looper upside down when you're finished for the day to assist in neat and easy storage. Keep the littlies occupied and let them learn all at the same time

18 months+

Dimensions 32.5cm x 33.2cm x 50.3cm

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